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Dyslexia and the Irlen® Method

As many as half of the children and adults with perceptual processing problems are misdiagnosed with dyslexia. These individuals can be helped by the Irlen® Method.

There are as many reasons for dyslexia and inability to read as there are different types of headaches. Often, a diagnosis of dyslexia assumes that children have difficulty with phonics. But when words jiggle, move, or disappear or when letters look like ants moving across the page, reading is so difficult that these children are labeled “dyslexic.” For these children and adults, the Irlen® Method can help.

Myths & Facts

Myth: If you read to your child when they are younger, they should not have reading problems.

Fact: Reading problems are usually hereditary. They run in families and are not the result of modeling. Parents who read to their children still can have children with reading problems.

Myth: Practice will lead to better reading.

Fact: When a child has Irlen® Syndrome, they do not make progress with tutoring and remediation. Problems continue until perception can be made clear and stable with Irlen® Spectral Filters. Then, and only then, can the child make progress with practice and remediation.

Myth: Teaching your child phonics will cure reading problems.

Fact: Teaching phonics as a basic skill is important, but a child needs to move beyond phonics to reading with flow, fluency, and comprehension. Language problems are just one aspect of reading, and perceptual processing problems like Irlen® Syndrome are also important to treat.

Myth: When an individual has dyslexia, they will always have a reading problem.

Fact: If your child has visual dyslexia, the Irlen® Method can make a difference. However, a child can have both visual and language-based dyslexia. In this case, the Irlen® Method allows the child to focus longer and with greater comfort. Reading problems will continue, though, and your child will need special accommodations by the school system to address the language-based dyslexia.

Dyslexia and the Irlen® Method

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