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Help for people with Autism

At Irlen Ballarat, we have been able to provide much help for people with Autism who suffer from frequent headaches, sensory overload, reading fatigue and visulual processing problems. Irlen syndrome impacts over half of the autistic population. and around 15% of the general population. It is caused by hypersensitivity to

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Reading difficulties

Help for reading difficulties in Ballarat: Reading problems can be the result of Irlen Syndrome – a visual processing dysfunction. . We provide specialised tutoring for children who have been diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome at Cornerstone Learning in Ballarat https://cornerstone-learning.com/ Irlen Syndrome (IrlenS) is a visual processing problem which involves

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Tutoring in Ballarat

We provide professional tutoring in Ballarat in English and Maths for all ages. We also provide screening assessment and support for visual dyslexia/ Irlen Syndrome

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The difference in only 18 months

I received this letter from the mother of a child who I helped by screening him for Irlen Syndrome and then providing him with the correct supports: “Thank you again for the Irlen Screening last year, it has made a huge difference. Thomas has come a very long way in

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