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Reading difficulties

Help for reading difficulties in Ballarat: Reading problems can be the result of Irlen Syndrome – a visual processing dysfunction. . We provide specialised tutoring for children who have been diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome at Cornerstone Learning in Ballarat https://cornerstone-learning.com/

Irlen Syndrome (IrlenS) is a visual processing problem which involves the brain. It is not actually a vision problem. This type of reading problem is a result of the brain’s inability to accurately understand and process visual information. Reading difficulties which are related to Irlen Syndrome cannot be explained by phonetic deficits or by a weak sight vocabulary.

Usually, problems occur under conditions of bright lighting, fluorescent lighting, black/white contrast, and continued performance. For individuals with Irlen Syndrome print may not be clear, stable or comfortable. This causes reading to be slow and inefficient, leading to skipping of words or lines, rereading, or poor comprehension.

Moreover, research has shown that about 46% of individuals with reading problems, dyslexia, or learning disabilities have this type of perceptual processing problem. Irlen Syndrome can be the only reason for reading difficulties or a piece of the puzzle existing in combination with other reasons for reading difficulties.

Irlen Syndrome is often mistaken for Dyslexia. https://irlenballarat.com.au/dyslexia/

Specialised tutoring for children diagnosed with IrlenS at CORNERSTONE LEARNING BALLARAT https://cornerstone-learning.com/

At Cornerstone Learning, we believe children need the crucial, basic building blocks firmly in place, to allow for success throughout their schooling. We understand and utilize the strategies that work for children who have IrlenS.

Help for reading difficulties in Ballarat!

At Irlen Ballarat we are able to test children and adults for Irlen Syndrome. https://irlenballarat.com.au/contact/

Tutoring for reading difficulties in Ballarat https://cornerstone-learning.com/

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