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The difference in only 18 months

I received this letter from the mother of a child who I helped by screening him for Irlen Syndrome and then providing him with the correct supports:

“Thank you again for the Irlen Screening last year, it has made a huge difference. Thomas has come a very long way in 18 months, he can read a lot more, decode some words and … his glasses (Irlen lenses) have made a massive improvement on his ability to write among all the other benefits (stops nail biting, being fidgety, not tired at the end of the school day etc). 18 months ago he was starting second year of prep, classed as a non reader despite knowing his alphabet and numbers for 3 years at that stage as well as being very quick to pick new things up. Thanks so much.” Shelley (mother). 

This gorgeous young boy has recently read 100 books, competing in the M.S Readathon and has consequently raised $300 to support sufferers of Muliple Sclerosis!  

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