Certified IrlenĀ® Diagnostician & Educational Consultant

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Headaches, Migraines and other Physical Symptoms

Many people who suffer with headaches, migraines and nausea can be helped by wearing Irlen lenses.

Headaches, migraines and nausea can be symptoms of a more serious medical condition which needs to be ruled out. However, sometimes tension headaches are caused by stress, triggered by environmental factors.

Many people who have Irlen Syndrome experience headaches, migraines and/or nausea from the following environmental factors:

  • discomfort in sunlight, bright, fluorescent lighting, glare conditions (snow, rain and hazy days), including bright headlights at night
  • stress or strain with sustained reading, computer use or other visually intensive activities
  • difficulty looking at stripes, patterns or certain colours which become bright and annoying.